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English Course At The British Council


This course will help you acquire basic conversation skills at the elementary level, and among the most important of these skills is learning how to introduce yourself in English, including introducing your name, your age, your nationality, your studies or your profession, etc. Special attention will be given to useful phrases and terms that are useful to you in these situations, in addition to focusing on the correct pronunciation.

What you’ll learn

Owing to this course, you will have an opportunity:

  • To upgrade your skill online without visiting any special institution and staying at home.
  • To improve your language skills by delving into the British culture getting acquainted with the way of thinking of the British people and targeting both spoken and written language.
  • To practice your English discussing the mentioned topics, picking up new expressions, enriching your vocabulary and improving your grammar and pronunciation skills.
  • To speak more confidently getting in touch with different nations and have a real discussion with real people.

Join the course

The English course is free and lasts for 6 weeks, 2 hours per week and it is one of the Exploring English course collections, which consists of two courses. The course has been developed by the British Council and is sharing the secrets of the culture of the UK with a huge number of countries providing not only effective English courses for international students but also creating a network of English speakers. Do not hesitate to join this course.